Marco Polo?

The Hen and Chickens Theatre    17th November - 1st December 2014   

RUSTICHELLO: Europe had not known the East itself but only its products – spices,

silk and tales of the Tartars. The East was monstrous races – one legged Sciopods 

who used their foot as a parasol, Blemmyai with faces in their chests, the Panotii who 

slept in their giant ears. Did you see them?


MARCO POLO: No, bollocks all of it. I saw maybe one unicorn. One. 


Rough Haired Pointer return to The Hen and Chickens with Marco Polo? a new 

play by Matt Osman. The legendary explorer Marco Polo is famous for 

introducing the concept of the East to Europe. At the start of Osman’s play he is 

languishing in prison, captured in a sea battle, when a new cellmate is 

introduced, Romance writer Rustichello. Together they contrive to record the 

details of Marco’s travels with the help of two Spanish prisoners before Marco’s 

memories are consumed by Alzheimer’s. In this new farce Osman presents an 

explosion of memory, colour, place and character.  Four actors take an audience 

on a journey through Europe and Asia to the court of Kublai Khan and back to 

Venice again. 


Matt Osman’s previous work includes The Boy Who Cried which premiered at 

The Hope Theatre in March 2014 and then transferred to The Tabard.

Rough Haired Pointer’s past work includes the World Premiere of Joe Orton’s 

Fred & Madge (The Hope Theatre), The Diary Of A Nobody by George and Weedon 

Grossmith (White Bear and King’s Head Theatres), The Boy Who Cried by Matt 

Osman (The Hope & Tabard Theatres) and The Young Visiters by Daisy Ashford 

(The Hen and Chickens). 


For the first time Rough Haired Pointer allow an audience to observe their 

rehearsal process. Marco Polo? will be both developed and presented over a 

period of 3 weeks: the weeks in between performances are used by the company 

to further develop the work, learning from the rehearsals, audience engagement 

and feedback. 

Praise for Rough Haired Pointer’s previous productions:

The Stage ‘An admirably bold company’


The Telegraph ‘Audacious…violently original’


The Times ‘Great fun.’


Exeunt ‘Rough Haired Pointer are rapidly establishing themselves as one of the most inventive and entertaining new theatre companies out there.’


What’s On Stage 'I saw enough to know that Rough Haired Pointer…might yet develop into a potent force on the fringe.'


PostScript Journal ‘RHP's calling-card is a sort of studied ramshackle quality, a tumbledown charm.  They are rough around the edges in the most knowing and sophisticated way possible, and elevate the idea of play to something of an art form.’


Islington Gazette ‘There are positively no holds barred with this insane and thoroughly entertaining group of players.’


Grumpy Gay Critic ‘This is a company with an imagination and energy that results in incredibly slick and daring theatre.’


London City Nights ‘a Pythonesque tinge, a group of men who know precisely how best to deploy their various personalities and physiques in the service of comedy…an insanely talented group of individuals, all of whom click together on stage like clockwork.’


RemoteGoat ‘Some may see a small theatre and see limitations, but Rough Haired Pointer see limitless opportunities.’

The Hen And Chickens Theatre

109 St Paul's Road London N1 2NA


7pm 17th November, 24th November, 1st December


Tickets £8


Writer: Matt Osman

 Director: Mary Franklin

 Cast: Jake Curran, Loz KeyStone, Jordan Mallory-Skinner, Geordie Wright