by howard brenton 

The KING'S HEAD THEATRE       25 May - 18th june 2016 

‘As I gazed down at the still form of my first victim, I experienced a strange, peaceful thrill’ 

--- John Christie, Serial Killer

Before Myra Hindley, the Yorkshire ripper, Fred and Rosemary West, there was John Christie.

During a decade of horror Christie murdered eight women, and hid their bodies around a Notting Hill boarding-house, 10 Rillington Place. By day he was a prissy-looking post office clerk: by night a modern Bluebeard.

Howard Brenton’s 1969 award-winning and shockingly funny play uncovers the crime which changed British society and triggered the abolition of capital punishment.

A bungled and corrupt police investigation. An innocent man hanged. A serial killer in plimsolls on the loose.


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★★★★ ‘Razor sharp… A tiny masterpiece.... Meticulous production of an unsettling play delivered with an authoritative style... It is Mary Franklin's deliberate innately theatrical direction that makes Brenton's play truly disturbing  The Stage

Frightening, bold and adventurous... Three of the finest performances you could wish for on a stage' Once A Week Theatre

‘Extraordinarily good... Mary Franklin's careful pacing of the action and the framing of the actors creates a fine, unsettling drama’  British Theatre Guide

★★★★ ‘Remarkably funny … You don’t get laughs much darker than this’ London City Nights

★★★★ ‘Unmissable theatre.’ Theatre Bubble

★★★★ ‘Extremely unnerving.' LondonTheatre1

★★★★ ‘Fantastically vile… faultless performances… an unforgettable play about the most pitiful of British monsters.’  Stage Review

★★★★ ‘A stunning début… Sharp and persuasive’  London Pub Theatres

★★★★ ‘An incredibly intelligent thing of grotesque beauty.’ Grumpy Gay Critic

★★★★ ‘Intelligent and hard-hitting production of Brenton’s darkly funny play… theatrical and thought-provoking.’  West End Wilma

★★★★ ‘Perfectly cast' RemoteGoat